Private Lessons

Private lessons at PTIC

If you wish to improve your English in a short space of time, sign up for private and personalised lessons. Here, you will be the only student, and your teacher can create lessons specially for you according to your level and ability, and what you want to achieve.

Who should do this?

  •  Students aged 7 and above
  • Adults who need individual support to achieve specific goals (e.g. job interviews, negotiation techniques, etc).

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • All lessons are tailor-made to suit your needs – you tell us what you want to learn, or what you need help with.
  • Cost-effective – you make fast progress in a short time.
  • You do not have to wait for other students to progress.
  • You decide how many hours of tuition you want and for how long
  • All levels can apply.

Even ‘small groups’ can be taught privately (e.g. a unit/department of a company).

Contact us for your special needs.