About Us

Information about PTIC Study English, Cameron HighlandsPusat Tuisyen Ilmu Cekap (PTIC) was the brainchild of founder, Dr Joyce Tan. In 2013, after many years of teaching in England, Australia and other countries, she dedicated herself to providing a unique style of education to Malaysian students with the support of WISE English (UK).

Despite a fairly new beginning, PTIC has rapidly established itself as the premier centre for English language instruction in the Cameron Highlands, with students coming from as far away as Kampar and Ipoh.

This is possible through the hard work and dedication of our excellent teaching team and our motivated students.

Our Motto

Education > Wisdom > Power

This explains the basic idea behind our teaching. Your child is not taught to memorise. Rather, s/he is taught to understand why and how we use English in the correct manner. S/he is then encouraged to practise this knowledge in the four aspects of writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Information about PTIC Study English, Cameron Highlands

Confidence and Knowledge Building

We focus on several key areas:

A) Critical Thinking
We encourage natural creativity and the ability to solve problems. We do not spoonfeed answers. Instead, we are constantly posing questions and problems so your children can learn how to think on their feet.

B) Confidence-building
At PTIC, we encourage your child to speak up and out. Our teachers circulate around the room, giving each child the opportunity to learn, practise and use the English language. This increases confidence, which will also filter across to your child’s performance in other subjects.

C) Language Consolidation
After learning the whys and hows of the language, we help your child to consolidate their knowledge by using the language in as many ways as possible. Our teachers guide them and provide error correction where necessary.

You can see a lot more photos and videos on our Facebook page. For more information about us, feel free to contact us.